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Aetna is one of the leading health care benefit companies serving over 22 million members, offering health care coverage to consumers and businesses. Beyond health insurance, Aetna leverages the newest technologies and latest innovations to revolutionize health care in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

Aetna on many platforms

The start of a healthy partnership

Aetna’s Medicaid Marketing Team needed a creative, flexible and timely partner to rebuild and redesign all of their Medicaid websites as well as create a scalable process that would result in major cost savings for the Aetna Medicaid health plans. Accommodating the needs and objectives within the multiple layers of business units gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our efficiency in process and showcase our responsive web design capabilities.

"I haven’t had this pleasant of an experience working with a vendor in quite some time."
- Lauren Csukardi, Aetna

A solution built to scale

We were charged with solving Aetna’s need for both efficient development and multiple website builds in a short period of time. So, our team created a proprietary “ecosystem engine” to allow for multiple websites to be built quickly and efficiently. We collaborated with Aetna’s IT and server teams to deliver a custom solution that worked within the constraints of their existing CMS.

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Mercy Care

Outcomes you can measure

To ensure that we captured all the moving parts, we built an ecosystem engine that includes a content management system that allows the Aetna Medicaid marketing team to update website content, images and modify pages. The beauty of this creative, scalable solution is that there is never any need for duplication of content entry because we built one master site to manage them all. This dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to build out new sites and improves efficiencies in workflow.

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Good business means more business

Partnering with Aetna Medicaid to develop these solutions has propelled our team to become one of seven agencies approved to work with the Aetna brand.

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Our work has expanded into several Aetna business units, ranging in projects from website development, email marketing, app creation, campaign strategy and more.

Adding to the Landscape
Traditional values embrace the designs of tomorrow
Social innovations
Our PetSmart Puppy Day campaign reached more than 2,000,000 people.
Complex Meets Agile
Topping the charts as the number one and two social campaigns of 2013.