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Golf Channel

Turning golf TV into a true
omnichannel experience

The driver that goes the distance

Since 1995, the Golf Channel has been the provide source of golf news on TV, radio and the digital space and the only worldwide multi-media company that offers around the clock coverage of the game. For them, it’s not just about being on top, it’s about appealing to new markets and growing the game of golf through a rich user experience.

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The start of a hand-in-glove partnership

The Golf Channel wanted to partner with an ambitious team to help them affirm each of their brands as an authority in the space and as a go-to destination for all things golf, while also driving the golf conversation, growing the game and increasing fan loyalty. The Golf Channel team’s clear vision of desired outcomes and our collaborative design processes paved the way for a mutually-beneficial relationship.

Shooting for an eagle

We were tasked with a tall order of providing proven impact on the business’ bottom line by driving pageviews on, video starts and ratings. Our team designed a comprehensive media plan and created audience appropriate, second-screen experiences that engaged viewers and increased ratings for multiple units within the Golf Channel family including Golf Now, Morning Drive, Big Break and Feherty.

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Putting to the sweet spot

In order to ensure standing out in such a competitive space, we got to know their online audience intimately so that we could make educated decisions about the content we create, and effectively rise above the clutter. We utilized analytics from program ratings and demographics, as well as social and web analytics to capture key insights to first identify the fan segments, then inform us on how and when to meaningfully engage them.

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