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A power trip without
the ego

Designing for a better tomorrow

iGo is a manufacturer of power chargers, energy-saving surge protectors and mobile computing accessories. For them, it’s about creating energy-smart and eco-friendly technology that makes their customers lives easier and their homes more efficient. Their latest evolution of power strips included iGo, which conserved energy by only using power for electronics when they were truly in use, preventing low-level power leaks while devices are turned off but still plugged in.

iGo apps in use

Sparking a compatible partnership

iGo had the innovative technology, but needed the right vehicle to reach their clients and create a buzz about the product. Our approach to researching consumers and keen ability to strategically utilize key insides made the perfect match for a company with the goal to extend their reach and greater their impact.

We were among the first advertisers to integrate augmented reality into a campaign.

Energetic innovation

We were tasked with thinking outside the box to develop digital strategies that would bring awareness to this new technology. Our team went beyond conventional digital tactics by taking advantage of new technology like augmented reality and traditional media to create a print ad for Wired Magazine. We didn’t stop there.


Bringing ideas to life

We forged extensive customer research to dig into what really matters to customers. These insights guided us in creatively crafting an awareness campaign that led with the problem. From there, we introduced the product as the solution. Out of this approach emerged entertaining and educational content about Vampire Power.

Watch the video here   ›

Award-winning results that speak volumes

Not only did the video we created for iGo sweep up advertising awards, it quickly rose to the top of YouTube search results gathering over 45,000 views in just a few weeks time, and continues to be one of the most viewed videos on Vampire Power. Most importantly, the video generated real business outcomes, sparking so much demand that iGo ended up being backordered on all of its green energy products.

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