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Ryland Homes

Traditional values
embrace the designs
of tomorrow

Laying a foundation of integrity

With 45 years of national experience and a local focus across 13 states, Ryland has designed and built over 310,000 homes. Ryland creates energy-efficient homes of the highest quality and has established a reputation for putting the customer at the heart of the business, connecting them with their dream home.

Ryland on various devices

Adding to the landscape

Ryland Home needed an innovative partner to incorporate the latest in web, content and design technology to redesign their site, increase their user-experience metrics and optimize their online presence in preparation for the future.

Leveraging our toolbox of solutions

We were given the task of connecting to their target audience across all devices. So, our team went hammer to nail (or finger to keyboard) to build a responsive site that was born out of intense consumer research, strategic search engine optimization and a great client-agency collaboration. Insights from user research informed a clean design and positioned Ryland to create better, targeted content.

Building a personal connection

In order to make sure we were true to the Ryland tradition in putting the customer at the heart of the business, we intently studied their brand, software and users. Using insights found in the best-in-breed audit, customer profiles, search engine optimization best practices, customer journey mapping analysis and user surveys, we created a sitemap that recommended organization of site structure to improve communication with the target customer profiles and convert users more effectively.

Delivering turnkey results

In the end Ryland was able to better engage their audience, which improved bounce rate and increased sessions and time-on-site. By moving two mobile sites to a responsive design alone increased the time-on-site via mobile device by nearly 50%

chart 45%
Increase in organic traffic
A Healthy Partnership
Partnering with Aetna to develop solutions has propelled us to become 1 of 7 agencies approved to work with the Aetna brand.
A clean solution
We helped Persil amplify the reach of their 2017 Super Bowl campaign.
Complex Meets Agile
Topping the charts as the number one and two social campaigns of 2013.